3 Ways Your Website Can Benefit During or After Lockdown

3 Ways Your Website Can Benefit During or After Lockdown

The sad reality is that Coronavirus is spreading quickly, taking lives, and wreaking havoc on the economy.  Have you already felt the devastating effects of this global threat on your business?

Business owners and marketers in various sectors are trying to find a way out of this rather upsetting situation. Today, we want to make clear you should NOT PANIC but try to cope, and we have 3 great tips on how to do so.

1. Improve Your Website Design

The amount of organic visitors is in decline. Should you worry about it? Absolutely not. We don’t want to think short but long-term. Eventually, your visitors will start coming back again, and you want to wish them a ticker-tape reception.

Some of the things you should touch up include website navigation, adding some social proof, testimonial pages, paying attention to internal linking, catching your 404s, and making sure your website is responsive and mobile-friendly.

2. Take This Time to Bond with Your Audience More

One of the greatest benefits of this time is that you can connect with your audience on a higher level – through social media. Let your followers know you care about how they feel, post encouraging messages, ask them questions about how they spend their time in quarantine, even share funny videos and photos.

Forget about posting schedules for a while and be there for your fans. Emotional support is of great importance during this tough period and your audience will know how to respond when the time comes.

3. Give Something for Free

Social distancing means spending more time in front of the screens. Thus, Google Arts & Culture, The National Park Service, and Google Earth came up with an idea of giving free virtual tours to help people deal with lockdown. Udemy, Duolingo, Scribd, and many more are also involved with giving away their services. Follow their lead.

Give your customers something for free, too. Whether it would be a free 10-minute consultation, a free e-book or another digital product – it’s up to you. Sharing is caring at this moment but you can also make a perfect base for ongoing relationships after the outbreak.


As you can see, Coronavirus can take you a step or two back, but you can still find the good in the bad and establish new ways of connecting with your audience and making your website more likable and searchable when things get back to normal. Until then – stay home, stay safe.

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