5 Secrets to Make Your SEO Optimised Content Rank Well

5 Secrets to Make Your SEO Optimised Content Rank Well

Sometimes, no matter how much you try to create unique, engaging, and compelling content search engines love, the results are missing. Spraying those keywords all around won’t help you master the digital marketing space. If you feel like you’ve come to a dead-end, make sure to check these 5 secrets that will rank your SEO optimised content way better.

1. Add Keywords Wisely

If the keywords you are using don’t match the user’s intent and expectations, that will spoil your reader’s experience. Insert the keywords naturally and try not to irritate readers by a vain bulk of keywords.

Keywords implementation should not be your primary goal. Insert them within the headers and spread through the content without grabbing the full user’s attention.

Try to include your keywords into:

  • The title,
  • The first paragraph,
  • Anchor text,
  • Tags,
  • Meta description,
  • URL,
  • Image descriptions.

2. Make Headlines Catchy

If you want to draw traffic to your website, create compelling headlines. Strong and intriguing headlines will increase the chances of the readers clicking your copy by 90%. Dates, numbers, names – try to figure out what works for your visitors best and stick to that practice.

3. Add Bullet Points or Numerous Lists

Organise your content well. Reading a poorly structured copy confuses the reader. A great way to break it down is to use bullet points, and/or numerous lists.

If you are usually working on a short copy (up to 300 words), you won’t need headings. However, using headings within 300+ words posts is highly recommendable.

This will make it easier for your visitors and search engines to scan the text, which always results in better rankings.

4. Add visual effects

Humans are visual creatures. Looking at a bunch of text is boring for any visitor. Images and/or videos increase the engagement for 94%, but search engines appreciate efforts as well.

5. Track Your Results

Why wouldn’t you get the most out of digital instruments? Tracking tools give you an insight into different useful metrics – average time your visitors spend on the site, bounce rate, even whether your copy consists of enough keywords. Use this to improve critical areas.


Whatever you do, do that naturally – be it keywords, images, bullet points. To make search engines love your content, you should put the reader first.

This will boost your visits, help you create a base of loyal readers, and skyrocket your copy to the first page of search engines. SEO optimised content pays off, always.

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