How to Boost Your 2020 Social Media Sales?

How to Boost Your 2020 Social Media Sales?

The upcoming holiday season is going to be like none before. Not only our everyday lives have drastically changed but our consumer behaviours have gone through a major transformation due to the COVID-19 pandemic during which most of us started prioritising online shopping.

Not only do customers find eCommerce the safest option now but there’s a chance you will keep them around for the post-virus times if they buy from you now. Your social media profiles could give this 2020 a positive note and boost your sale during the holidays, and even months after the pandemic is over. We have 3 cost-effective tips for the upcoming holidays that will help you get the most out of this unusual shopping season.

1. Start your holiday shopping campaign right away!

If you still haven’t launched your holiday social media campaigns, don’t wait another minute! The season has already begun, shortly after the second national lockdown was announced. Thanks to this, Amazon has already made $3.5 billion!

Make sure to check which products are out of stock and do your best to ship orders as soon as it is possible, even during the pandemic. This year, the focus is on our health and our families. Thus, many of us are super-cautious and want to ensure their packages are delivered long before the holidays.

2. Connect your social media profiles to your eCommerce store.

Thousands of non-essential stores have been closed recently. Even major retailers such as Walmart and Target closed their stores on Thanksgiving Day, which is something that never happened before at the peak of the season– until now.

Online shopping rates are constantly going up and this holiday season is going to be all about online shopping charts. Launch your marketing campaign on social media (your current shop windows) and lead your customers to your eCommerce store from there. Give them an unforgettable online holiday buying experience and we can guarantee this will be a huge opportunity to turn them in to recurring customers.

3. Mobile has become the main retail spot.

Time in quarantine has brought explosive growth to mobile usage. An average social media user now spends 15% more time on their mobile phone. Last year, 40% of shoppers preferred browsing and purchasing holiday gifts on their mobile rather than buying in store. This year, it’s more than 60%. Your chance lays here! Shift your Facebook and Instagram ads from desktop to mobile and there’s a great chance you will be having a record-breaking sales season this winter.


Use the influence of social media and social ads during the pandemic to connect with your audiences, gain more customers, and make more sales. Of course, make sure to make everyone buying from you happy and provide them with the best customer support, even better than the one they are getting when buying in-store, so they fall in love with purchasing online and stay for the good! If you need any help with launching successful marketing campaigns or ad campaigns, we would be more than glad to help! Contact us today!

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