How to Master PPC Campaigns and Boost Your Traffic and Conversions Immediately

How to Master PPC Campaigns and Boost Your Traffic and Conversions Immediately

Although multiple strategies have emerged recently, pay-per-click advertising is still the most effective online marketing tool available. Yet, as much as it seems simple and straightforward to create and launch a pocket-friendly and structured PPC campaign, the truth is quite the contrary. It takes knowledge, understanding, innovation, and experience to unlock the full potential of paid advertising. Down below, we are sharing 5 game-changers that helped us boost our traffic and conversions that can save you time and help you reach and convert customers straight off.

1. Kick out Negative Keywords

As much as it is important for your ads to show up for relevant keywords for your business, so it is important to prevent them from showing up for irrelevant ones. Ads that are displayed for negative keywords and irrelevant search queries are just going to waste your money. When you pay for each click, you should be selective about who you show your ads to.  You can deselect negative keywords at a campaign level or per ad.

2. Optimise Your Ads for Mobile

You probably already know the importance of making your website responsive for both desktop and mobile users. The same applies to your ads. Multimedia adverts such as images and videos won’t work well on mobile if you don’t optimize them. Not doing so can cost you a lot, especially when knowing 62% of internet users use their mobile phones. If you want, you can even make your multimedia adverts appear on mobile devices only.

3. Make Sure Your Landing Pages Match Your Ad Groups

Launching a campaign that just leads to your homepage will not bring positive results. If you want to convert visitors, you have to make it as seamless as possible for them to go from a visitor to a customer. Create specific ad groups, include individual keywords and individual landing pages for each group, and specific CTAs as well. Dragging clients from one page to another is, highly likely, going to make them give up. Show them the landing page for what they need exactly, use the right image, and make your CTA stand out and you will convert visitors with ease.

4. Set Time and Day Restrictions

Customers engage with what they see online differently on different days of the week and at different times of the day. Although you would have to do some testing here, eventually, you will discover time and day when your customers are most likely to convert. Set your ad to appear in front of them several days a week and include restrictions when they are not likely to click on it. People will click on an ad only when they are half-way through becoming a customer. If you time it right, you’ll get an unbelievable ROI.

5. Get Creative about CTAs

An ad without a clear call to action is a lost conversion. Make sure you offer value to the customer, explain which benefits your services provide, and draw them in with a call to action. Elaborate, then encourage them to make an actionable step. Instead of including a simple CTA such as “sign up” or “start your free trial”, add a note of urgency to it. Make your customers click the button like there’s no tomorrow – “limited time offer”, “try premium free for 30 days”, or “get 20% off your first order”.


The more effort you invest in your PPC campaigns, the more you are going to get in return. We wanted to skip basic techniques but open up a new perspective about creating great ads for your target audience. You can start improving your PPC campaigns right away or hand this over to a professional team that can boost your traffic and conversions at the double.

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