How to Use Video to Improve Your Marketing Campaigns

How to Use Video to Improve Your Marketing Campaigns

When looking for a solution to their problems, people do what? Read blogs, social media posts, and – watch videos! On the other hand, what do people do when they are bored? Exactly – the same! Yet, there is something about video content that makes it more receptive than text to humans. What does this mean? It means you should learn how to use video to improve your marketing campaigns and we can teach you some tricks.

Basic Video Marketing Tips

  • Record full HD videos only.
  • Shoot videos no longer than 60 to 90 seconds. Typically, short videos draw more engagement. Yet, be mindful of different types of video content (we are going to list the most common ones in a bit). Adjust the length of your videos to the type you want to publish.
  • Be concise and make a strong point. Your viewers will leave if you are telling unnecessary information.
  • Make your message both informative and entertaining.
  • Try to trigger your viewers’ emotions.
  • Include a clear CTA (call to action) at the end of each video.
  • Avoid sales-y language but center your video around the story.

10 Most Engaging Video Content Types

  1. Vlogs,
  2. Tutorials/How-tos,
  3. Giveaways,
  4. Video emails,
  5. Behind-the-scenes,
  6. Product reviews,
  7. Animations,
  8. Webinars,
  9. Interviews,
  10. Testimonials.

How to Create Likeable Videos?

Now that you are familiar with the best video content types and basic video shooting principles, the time has come to level up this game. Here’s how to optimize your videos so both search engines and your viewers like them.

  • Optimize your videos for mobile viewing. Square format works best, as viewers don’t have to rotate their phones. By the way, almost 50% of the population watches videos on their mobile devices.
  • Always add captions. Up to 85% of Facebook users watch videos without sound.
  • Optimize your videos with SEO-friendly titles.
  • Ask questions and tease viewers to react to your content. The algorithm loves content that draws engagement.
  • Create videos for various demographic categories.
  • Optimize videos for posting on different platforms – Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter.
  • Include tags, keywords, and transcription to your video descriptions.
  • Influencer marketing hides great potential. Cooperate with influencers, local leaders, or celebrities. Show familiar faces in your videos and you will get more clicks.

Top 5 Video Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

  • Being unable to define/reach your target audience,
  • Ignoring customer searches,
  • Ignoring video analytics,
  • Expecting instant results.


If we would tell you 87% of digital marketers use video marketing to increase awareness of their clients’ brands, what would you say? Of course, everyone wants more social shares and higher conversion rates. Search engines love visual content, too!

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