Pivotal4 Keeps the Ball Rolling Despite Coronavirus Outbreak – Stay Safe

Pivotal4 Keeps the Ball Rolling Despite Coronavirus Outbreak – Stay Safe

When news of COVID-19 started to spread there were two popular questions we got from our customers:

  • How is the overall status of our services considering all the craziness happening around?
  • Can we ensure business continuity and system stability?

Let me answer both.

Here at Pivotal4, we prefer to be prepared, but don’t panic.

The overall status of our team is fully operational, and all the services are working properly and stably.

Teams are constantly working on the campaigns to ensure we get you ahead of your competition and prevent the issues of negative link velocity that may lead to all the hard work done on your campaign go in vain.

Furthermore, our employees have permanently shifted to remote working, and all business processes are running at the same high level.

We understand the importance of being healthy to stop the spread of the disease. When it comes to business, we do feel the highest responsibility for providing you with reliable service and brilliant service quality.

Believe us, we know what’s at stake well enough.

Let your business get through the challenges smoothly and become even stronger.

Contact the Pivotal4 team today if you have any questions on 020 3281 8955  or via email: info@pivotal4.com

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