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Our specialist pay per click management services focus on maximising ROI through well crafted PPC campaigns.

All activity is carefully planned, implemented, monitored and optimised to ensure it returns value for our clients and delivers on objectives.

Our team of PPC experts is 100% Google AdWords certified, meaning that every member of our PPC agency team is an expert and up-to-date with the latest features and improvements in Google AdWords. Our pay per click approach focuses firmly on delivering more conversions for less spend.

No guesswork, only measurable, accountable and flexible management

We pay attention not only to impressions and clicks but also to the actual conversions your website is achieving due to your ads.

Insights around the clock

We monitor performance of your ads around the clock and optimise key metrics that matter.

Stop, start, pause, test

We tweak your ads, try new search terms, pause adgroups and re-start something new.

Right time, right place

We target your ads to customers in certain regions/countries and on certain devices.

Reach the right people at the right time

Your services gets found by people precisely when they’re searching for the things that you offer. Your budget is not wasted when people aren’t likely to convert.

PPC Strategy

  • We ensure that our ads provide exactly what the target audience wants.
  • We use different advertising platforms to reach everyone who is interested in your products.
  • We choose the best campaign types to achieve your goal.
  • We work to gain as much traffic as possible for less spend. We are a PPC agency that believes that targeting the right audience with the relevant ad is the only way to achieve good conversion rate.
  • Google rewards advertisers whose landing pages offer great user experience by assigning a higher quality score. If a landing page is highly engaging, informative and relevant to ad copy and the search query each click will cost less and be more profitable.

What can we deliver?

But let’s cut to the chase, what most of our clients care about is profit and market share. The questions we are most often asked are; ‘What is the return?’, ‘How much revenue are you going to generate?’, ‘How many leads will the campaign generate?’ And this is where Barracuda set themselves apart from other agencies. We have a wealth of experience across a broad range of vertical sectors. In short, we know what works, and we use our knowledge to make money for your business.


Services we

Paid Search account setup
Paid Search account management
Paid Search account audit
Live campaign data reporting


Paid search is the most immediate impact channel for driving sales or generating leads as it sits at the point of need in the awareness to conversion funnel. The time to generate a return does depend upon:

  • The relevance of the ads to the search terms we are bidding on.
  • The type of product or service being offered by the advertiser.
  • The relevance and layout of the ads landing page.

Barracuda are experienced and equipped to be able to advise on these variables. We have a collaborative account management model and work in a completely transparent manner, sharing all data, so we can work with you to increase the size of your business.

Kent Space

238% increase in enquiries


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