5 Tips On How to Develop an Influencer Outreach Strategy that Really Works?

5 Tips On How to Develop an Influencer Outreach Strategy that Really Works?

Offering a generous financial compensation to an influencer to promote your brand seems just fine at first. However, you should try to develop a professional relationship that can help you gain credibility and increase brand awareness, which has very little to do with the price tag for someone’s endorsement.

How do you develop an influencer strategy that goes beyond paid partnerships? The right strategy involves connecting with the individuals who can advocate for you and help your brand get noticed from a large number of people. How to find the right individuals who have already gained the trust of people from your target audience? Follow these 5 tips and you will get your brand blooming in no time.

1. Define Your Goals

Can you clearly define what your brand stands for? Do you understand your target audience and their concerns? The first step of an influencer outreach strategy is to set clear goals for your brand and acknowledge the right audience you can serve.

Without having a good grasp on these two factors, you will, highly likely, connect with wrong influencers and deliver your message to the wrong audience.

Are you trying to gain some recognition? Build brand identity? Are your goals short or long-term? Try to set all this straight if you want to connect with individuals who can persuade your target audience to pay attention to your brand.

2. Study the Influencer Marketplace

Put yourself in your target audience’s shoes. Study the relevant profiles in your niche. Which profiles on social media, which blogs or podcasts gain the most traction? You are on the hunt for people who are enthusiastic about the same topic but the ones who have established their authority in a specific niche.

3. Build Genuine Relationships with Influencers

Before reaching out, try to connect on a friendly level. Like, repost, or post comments on posts you genuinely like. Take your time to engage in a natural way.

When reaching out to an influencer, make sure to give them a good reason to advocate for you. Can you offer something in return (money is not necessarily the most important factor here)? Can you see a way you two can complement (cross-promote)?

Being too pushy can destroy the opportunity to connect with the right people. Stay away from a sales pitch type of messages and don’t demand anything. Influencers know how to recognize genuine connections and will, probably, return the favour.

4. Act Together

You will see it coming – the moment when you feel free to ask an influencer to promote your brand. Whether it be a social media post, a blog on their website, or being hosted on their podcast – opportunities are endless once you get to this phase.

Still, the key is to make a strategy that involves benefits for you both. Be as open-minded as possible and try to use their advice. If they seem to know more than you, allow them to take the lead and you will reap off benefits – big time!

5. Evaluate the Results

Your influencer outreach strategy can be more or less successful. Some people will never get engaged with you, others will be very receptive to building new relationships. Either way, you should reassess your strategy constantly if you want to create some buzz and make a powerful impact in the digital world.


Now that you know how to develop an influencer outreach strategy, you can start developing meaningful relationships with individuals who can promote your brand. Yet, if you still feel this is too-big-a-bite, contact us to find out more about our digital PR and outreach services.

You can also call us on 020 3281 8955.

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