The Main Reason for The Rise of E-Commerce at an Unprecedented Rate

The Main Reason for The Rise of E-Commerce at an Unprecedented Rate

COVID-19 has been having a huge impact on our everyday lives, contacts with other people, and the way we do business. Not all of us had the luck to be able to really stay home during the spring peak and still make money. Millions of people have abruptly lost their incomes while others experienced a massive increase in sales. We can only conclude one thing – brick and mortar businesses have lost the battle with this disease but with E-commerce as well.

Two major shifts occurred – people have started changing their buying behavior and most of them have been spending significantly more time online. If you are looking for a way to boost your businesses during his hectic times, stay on board. Down below, we are talking in-depth about how you can grow the following months and get out of this situation as a winner.

People Constantly Being on Their Phones

You are reading this article on your phone, right? Unfortunately, ignoring people for phones is what has been happening for years now, whilst the spread of the disease only encouraged this type of behavior. New trends are spreading at a fast pace in the digital world, making us addicted to keeping track of everything going on there.

However, if you try to stay above the negativity that the media spreads, you will actually acknowledge the new digital world. The world where communities are encouraging each other to fight this drama and engage with their followers/clients like never before. We all should be full of understanding and compassion towards other people while still being considerate of their health.  However, if we take a look at it from a business perspective, you can turn this situation into a mega advantage.

The number of social media and internet users has never been bigger! If you think for a second – millions of people can turn into customers if you show up in front of their screens.

Invest in marketing and advertising campaigns! A cost-per-click has never been more affordable ($0.09 per click) so you can experiment with different strategies on Facebook. Besides, we can help you nail those pay-per-click campaigns and get the best ROI on Google, Bing, and social media. Here’s how.

Shopping Online to Get Through This Period Easier

Some people can’t imagine their day without spending at least a couple of hours outside. Being stuck at home can be quite demotivating for them. On the other hand, those who don’t mind being stuck indoors are still trying to find new hobbies and make better use of this pandemic time. We can think about both categories as potential shoppers.

Home workout videos, activewear, exercise equipment – the fitness industry has never been so popular (no matter how absurd it seems). People are preparing themselves for a better time, comforting themselves all this will pass soon.

Despite the fact some industries are struggling, the number of online purchases is rising day after day, which increases the likelihood of selling your products as well. If you find a way to convince people you can provide some sort of relief or entertainment, you will be getting hundreds and hundreds of orders.


Nobody wants to leave their house to buy ingredients, clothes, sportswear, toys, no matter how much people are bored at home. Seize the moment, embrace digital solutions and potentials, and you will reach a point of record sales in no time! E-commerce is the way to go – not only you can help people avoid danger but you can supply them with a source of motivation, all along earning megabucks.

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