YouTube SEO – How to Make Your YouTube Videos Rank Higher?

YouTube SEO – How to Make Your YouTube Videos Rank Higher?

It’s easy to get lost in the sea of videos, which is why you should optimise your YouTube content and put it in front of the right people. You can publish a killer video and still lack the results. Tired of not getting YouTube views? Read this!

How to SEO-Optimise (Maximise Views) on YouTube

1. Add Accurate Closed Captions

Auto-captions could be the main reason why your YouTube videos are not getting any or very little views or engagement. Inaccurate, sometimes even embarrassing, auto-captions are a thing to avoid at all costs. Although adding closed captions is a bit time-consuming, this is the only way for you to combat the negative effects of automatically generated captions.

Why is this so important? Search engines understand text only. If you describe your video and optimise it with relevant keywords, you will give a clear idea of what your content is about and help search engines rank you accordingly.

Closed captions can boost your views by 7.32% and help you get more likes, comments, and shares.

2. Add a Transcript

Do you know you can add 4,850 characters to any video description? That means you can fit a 10-minute video transcription down there. Search engines love keyword-optimised transcripts as this helps them index your video. You can even use the transcript and perfect it to a blog post, infographics, or website copy.

3. Offer Subtitles in Multiple Languages

If you feel like the international audience would find your videos interesting, give them an additional reason to click that subscribe button by offering subtitles in other languages. More than half of the viewers of most YouTube videos in English are non-English speakers.

This is a great way to grow your audience but to also improve your rankings. Search engines will rank your videos for non-English keywords in all the languages you provide subtitles for. What’s even better, the competition for non-English keywords is relatively low so you can make your content stand out without trying too hard.

4. Add Eye-Catching Thumbnails

Despite the fact your thumbnails don’t affect SEO directly, they still can have a great influence on your SEO strategy. The more clickable your thumbnails are, the more visits you get – the better SEO rankings your videos will have. The most reliable way to get more clicks is to choose facial closeups. If you can create a thumbnail that represents your content and targeted keywords, you can rest assured your video will go viral.

5. Share on Social Media

Again, this has not much to do with SEO optimisation but impacts it – big time! If you want to increase the visibility of your channel and get more views, simply share your videos on social media platforms. After all, SEO is a numbers game so every click counts.


Google is the most popular search engine but YouTube stands almost shoulder to shoulder with it. Videos drive more engagement than text, which is why you should focus on producing high-quality videos and SEO-optimising them. If you need help with video production and SEO optimisation, our experienced and knowledgeable teams can help your content gain traction and set you apart from your competitors. Contact us to find out more!

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